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Our Energy Tomorrow: An Interactive Guide to the Future of Energy

Welcome to the Future of Energy! There are lots of opinions about how we should power our world in the coming decades, but how do you separate fact from fiction? This unique web experience is designed to let you explore many possible futures, using information from the federal Energy Information Administration.See: Our Energy Tomorrow: An Interactive Guide to the Future of Energy.

You can compare up to three scenarios at once, enabling you to see side-by-side the realities of our energy future. Take the trip, explore, and share what you find.

Energy is inseparable from America’s economic growth and job creation, upon which rests a thriving quality of life and secure future for generations to come. There are many opinions surrounding the best energy policy for our nation. We also know there are a wide range of factors that can impact our future, so how do you separate realities from ideals, or best guesses?

In its 2014 Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) identified 31 possible scenarios, projecting what American energy may look like in the year 2040. In addition, 7 of these scenarios have been updated to reflect new projections for AEO 2015, and are also included in the dashboard. These scenarios are based on a series of variables, including natural resource availability, technology development, and federal legislation. This unique interactive dashboard was created to make it easy to explore these many possible futures, giving you the ability to see the potential of our energy tomorrow.